Honor Our Heroes Pledge

The Lorain County Blue Foundation is partnering with businesses, private donors and organizations to "Honor our Heroes". In an effort to further assist the families of Law Enforcement Officers that have been killed in the line of duty, LoCo Blue is looking for donors to contribute to our current Line of Duty Death benefit. Currently, LoCo Blue provides first responders with a $4000.00 death benefit upon a Line of Duty death that complies with PSOBA guidelines. Every member of the "Honor our Heroes" program would make a monetary donation only in the event of a Line of Duty Death of a First Responder in Lorain County. Included with Lorain County Blue's bereavement letter would be the individual, organization or businesses monetary donation that you have provided for the family.

Each member that contributes to the "Honor our Heroes" program will receive a placard to proudly post at their business, residence or headquarters stating you are a member and support your first responders.

The Lorain County Blue Foundation was created to assist Law Enforcement Officers that have been fatally wounded or critically injured in the line of duty. LoCo Blue was established as a collective effort to unite the Lorain County Law Enforcement agencies. Our goal is to build a stronger relationship between the communities and their respective Officers that serve and protect. LoCo Blue is a responsible non-profit organization comprised of Law Enforcement Officers and members of the community.

On behalf of the Lorain County Blue Foundation, thank you for your support and consideration. Should you choose to join the "Honor our Heroes" club, please complete the attached donor form. I would like to thank you for your support and consideration.

K9 Officer Chris Barton — President.